Sunday, June 17, 2012

Curriculum Plans

This will be kind of I remember things without getting up to get them!

Jacob & Emily - Abeka Biology
All kids - Trail Guide to World Geography
Emily - Pre-Algebra that is actually a college workbook
Product DetailsJacob - Algebra I through Lifepacs
Jesse - Math 5 Abeka
Elizabeth - English 3 BJU
Elizabeth - Singapore Math...we are starting from the basics and moving quickly...
Jacob - American Literature through Lifepacs
Product DetailsJacob- 9th grade Language Arts through Lifepacs
oh yeah and we started our semester in March for the summer session. So no, we aren't finishing in 2 months time.

This is for the summer...don't ask too many questions about the fall.  They may change but this is the plan.

Jacob and Emily will finish the Biology then move to Chemistry after Christmas
All kids - Trail Guide to World Geography.
Emily - should be finishing up the Pre-Algebra by Christmas
Jacob - Geometry (looking at BJU)
Elizabeth - Science is the Explore and Learn series ( )  I really like this seriesExplore and Learn, 6 Volume Set: Earth and Space, Science and Technology, The Natural World, People In Place and Time, Me and My Body, Atlas of The World (1-6)
Elizabeth will probably start reading the Magic TreeHouse books for history.
Jesse - unit studies for history

I think that is about as far as I have gotten so far. ::yawn::

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