Friday, August 26, 2011

A different kind of day today

Had bfast at ChikFilA then ran some errands while my 4 went with friend's 3 kids to her house while we did the errands.

I could live at Hobby Lobby...but I don't. Kind of reminds me of that movie about the walmart lady who gave birth in walmart.  Off track, anyhoo.. I could work at Hobby Lobby but it wouldn't help anything and I would be always buying stuff.

Had to make a couple of stops at Hobby Lobby and Wal-mart.

I didn't get much sleep last night so my day was really off from the beginning.  The kids and I get home around 1.  I let them know that they were to complete their Friday work and Jacob was going to take over helping Elizabeth finish her day's work since he finished his week yesterday.  All she had left to do was Geography and Math anyhow.   If you haven't checked out CurrClick yet....I get a lot of my school work from there.

 I HAD to lay down.  I was bummed to have to cancel going to Bunco tonight but knew if I went being overtired I would get sick.  I was able to sleep until 5 this afternoon and I feel much better and think I will probably start stitching on my autumn rag quilt this evening.  The squares are all sandwiched and ready to be sewn together.

Coffee is sounding really good right now too.
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  1. We LOVE Currclick, too! I won a gift certificate during their Twitter Party this year. :)

    We have a lapbook to do for reading maps that I totally forgot about. I think that would be great to get out for our first full week.

  2. CurrClick is a staple for me. As I am always finding freebies and awesome things to supplement our studies!!