Monday, August 29, 2011

stick bugs and variables, oh my!

Elizabeth is working diligently on her copywork and just finised reading about stickbugs.  Now she is answering her questions about stickbugs...I didn't learn anything about stickbugs...darn! Can't see her?  She is hiding behind her lap desk while she writes her sentences.
Jesse is working on some make up math work that I found out he didn't finish last he gets to start off his week finishing up last week's lesson plans in a few subjects.  He is still working through his Magic Tree House Book "The Sunset of the Sabertooth"  Sounds like fun to me!  He has a weekly journal that he keeps track of his reading times and summarizes what he read for the day.  Thank you!
Also found some science work through edhelper to work into his book.

Jacob has found a quiet spot at his desk where he switched around his lesson plans.  I think next week he can make his own lesson plans.  He decided to only do science today.  But he is doing his science assignments for the whole week in one day.  However he wants to do it is fine with me.  He likes the block scheduling better I suppose.

Emily has also changed what she wanted to work on today too.  She likes to do research and two of her research papers are on a possible career and a college she might like to attend.  She has already finished her math for today.  Emily is smart and really could do anything she wants to do in life.  She is so enthusiastic and loves the flexibility and choices that homeschooling has allowed her to do.  Now if she could just keep a cleaner desk.... LOL!

As for the mama...I am enjoying some coffee and listening to the quiet of the house...and sometimes a question is here from one of the kids.  After everyone is finished we are going to pull out one of our travel maps and work on map coordinates!


  1. Our 9 yr old loves Magic Tree House! I do too. :D

    I am in awe of all of that productivity. And I want to say a HUGE thank you for allowing your kids the freedom to switch up their assignments according to their interest. I think that is key for stoking that desire to learn.

  2. Well, we will see how it goes this weekend. May start them tomorrow. I am behind on my grading though due to illness