Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We will call today

a PE day, animal science day, geography day, health day and literature day.

We called it a PE day and health day because we walked and walked the zoo.  This is how we!  I actually rented out a zoo stroller for all of our stuff and so I didn't hear Elizabeth complain too much.  Jesse wanted the task of pushing the stroller and he took on the "diabetic" bag for our emergencies.  This carries our emergency juice boxes, needles, insulin, extra sets, meters and what not... Today was the first day that I had ventured out with the kids beyond just running to Kroger for a few groceries.  This was a big trip for us. And did I have perfect blood sugars?  Absolutely NOT! In fact, I have no clue what happened.  You would think after walking a few miles I would have a lower number but it seems that when my adrenaline is kicking so does my blood sugar.  I still haven't checked yet tonight but we made it home safely and without any shaking or issues. :) Yay!
I only really wanted to see the pink turkeys...I mean the flamingos.  So we didn't walk the whole zoo.  I justified this to the kids as being that we have a yearly membership.  We can come back in a couple of weeks and do the elephants and carousel.  But we can return in a couple of weeks!

Now back to those pink turkeys...they were the most beautiful God given creatures that I have ever laid my eyes upon.

Now this folks, is about animal science.

Oh yes...we saw birds too.  There were other pictures taken but I picked the ones that I liked the best.
The birds were beautiful.  Such a vibrant blue color too!

After the zoo we made our way through our geography lesson of not relying on 2 different GPS program apps on your phone to get you to a bookstore.  Because they both took us to the old location and it felt like forever until we found where we belonged.
But we finally found it!  We had great literature lessons while in this store.  There were so many books that the kids were in overload on what they could buy.  Jacob has chosen to read the Artemis Fowl series after he finishes the book "The Lost Hero".  He bought the first 4 books in this new series for him.  Elizabeth picked out the #1 book for Junie B Jones series...her first chapter book! She is so excited.  Jesse had picked out a component for his Nintendo DS but didn't get it because it I think it was missing a piece.  Emily didn't choose anything today but looked around a lot!
All the way home Jacob read his book...that warms my heart, A LOT!

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