Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We accept the challenge....

One of our main challenges that we face while homeschooling is schooling around diabetes.  We don't walk on egg shells but we definitely after to keep our numbers in mind whenever we are getting ready to learn new concepts and or have an outing planned.  We have been on egg shells, however, wondering if we would have supplies at all.  Our supply company called in January with regrets to being able to service our family any longer since our insurance deductible increased for 2012.  I can't see it going down so I guess there is no other place for it to go....up!  We had to find the new supply company and get through establishing new prescriptions for each of the children and myself.  over the next few days we will be transitioning our supplies from being under my bathroom cabinet to a downstairs closet...just need to make the shelving.  Jesse and I have our work cut out for us for the next couple of days.

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