Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our Homeschool Update...

I am proud to say that Elizabeth Anne has finally caught up to grade level in math.  I found a 2nd grade lifepac math set on ebay for pennies and bought these pacs for her to work in.  It looks like it will mostly be a lot of review for her.  She will continue these through the summer and start 3rd grade math in the fall.  We will be using the ABeka 3rd grade curriculum for her.
She and Jesse are starting the Apologia Astronomy book this week once I am able to go through the book and pick it a part to plan the lessons.
Jesse is reading the Wayside School Series he was laughing by the 2nd page.  So reassuring to see him enjoy the gift of reading.  He is also working on his US States geography while Elizabeth is working in her Map Skills book.  I will post amazon links to the books we use at the bottom.  They are both finishing up their 9s in addition and Multiplication.  Elizabeth has started place values and learning how to write the numbers in expanded form and in words.  She has made a remarkable progress this year.  Even with the slow start with a new schedule.  I found some of those large workbooks that have a lot of review sheets of the school year and the younger two have been working in those this week.  A couple of pages for each subject each day.  They range from reading comprehension to phonics to alphabetical order and many  more in between.
Jacob is over the halfway mark for his Algebra I class.  He and Emily started French 1 this past week and so far they are enjoying it.  Jacob has begun his Honors Biology I class through CK12 and Emily is taking the Honors Life Science for middle school on the same site.  Lots of great resources are there including student texts, TEs and workbooks that go along with the curriculum.  The older two have also been including Spelling Power and Composition work from Glencoe.  Its just a lot of printing involved.  I don't mind.

Here are the links to the curriculum we are using through the end of summer:


  1. I used the Apologia Astronomy with my oldest daughter when she was in sixth grade. She loved it! What helped make that the year successful for us was having all the materials for the experiments in one location before we began the text. Also the way the book is written directly to the student helped her retain the information. Every day she would run to me saying "Mom, did you know..."?

    We included supplemental books and videos from the library on the topics that interested her the most. We also visited a planetarium that had exhibits related to the topic we were studying.

    Hope your family enjoys this text.

  2. Awesome thanks for the advice! We have a planetarium about an hour away and we always use supplementary materials! Love our library for that! I havent' decided when I am going to start the new book.