Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My heart cries

Does your heart cry?  Sometimes it cries with joy and sometimes it cries out of sadness.  My heart is crying right now but torn in two different directions.  My spirit found another kindred spirit that I know hoursrs could have been spent saying "Me too!".  It is nice when you can find this kind of bonding with another person...not as only justification but more towards a "I knew I wasn't crazy"...LOL!

Music as I have stated before uplifts me...doesn't seem to matter the type of music but I do prefer praise & worship music.  But even my zumba music gets my toes a-tapping.  Love it!

I listen to some music and it makes my heart pour out for those that I know are going through a rough patch in their family and know that they are claiming only healing and not sickness.  Keeping that positive flow going.  I wish I were that strong to be able to keep that calming feeling instead of the panicky, anxiety my stomach gets riddled with during stressful situations.

I found more blogs to add to my kindle's feed reader! I was so excited when I read one of them.  In this particular blog she found a way to keep cleaning minimal and organized.   A small basket with a sponge, microfiber cloth, spray and cleaning wipes...kept in each bathroom or room that needed it!  Genious, I tell ya! Like I said I added a bunch tonight...when I find the blog I will definitely share it!!!!  Looks like something I could really use.  Just to have a small basket made for each bathroom and the kitchen.  Yep that would work.

After grading papers for the past 8 hours and getting lesson plans done through May 11th (this was just for one child) I think I may be ready to start looking for that pillow soon.  My blood sugar was down to 160 a couple of hours ago.  Low for me right now so I just might take a juice box to bed with me tonight.

Good Night Ya'll! :)

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