Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 10...31 Days to Clean

Do you realize today should have been Day 26?  I am catching up slowly and am determined to finish this project.  Hoping my hospital visits will be few and good days are ahead.

Feeling Overwhelmed.

I feel like we covered this in Day 9.  But I see there is more to it.

  • When the house is a mess, only work on one room at a time.   * I can see this working but I would have to say that the kitchen would be chosen first over any of the other rooms.  I couldn't handle cooking or eating in a room that is a mess.  Thankfully, I have 4 capable children that know how to straighten up and get things done.  So I could easily just give all of us 1 room to clean if it gets that bad.

  •  Be generous to your trash can.  *I love my trash can and would tip it money if I could get it to grab stuff by itself.  Getting a big black lawn trash bag is one of the best motivators for the kids.  If I have that bag out then they are usually scattering around picking up all of the things they want to keep so it won't end up at the landfill.

  • Get rid of half the toys.  * Like I said earlier...the big black trash bag gets the job done!  If you are a frequent visitor to McDonalds (we are not) get rid of all those cheap plastic happy meal toys.  We had some kind of toy years ago in the van and every time I went down hill or used my brakes it would say something.  It took me forever to find that dumb toy!

  • Do the 15 minute thing.  * Ever heard of FlyLady...yeah, that's her!  She has a strategy of turning on the timer for 15 minutes and see what you can accomplish in that timeframe.  Would this challenge you or hinder your progress?  I can see it from both point of views.  I would take the challenge but if I am getting in a good cleaning groove I don't want to be distracted by a timer.  But putting my shoes on early in the morning and shining my sink works wonders on getting my endorphins going!

  • Just get moving.   * "Action is the antidote to despair." Joan Baez.   My husband always says to make a complaint you should be part of the solution and not the problem.  If you have the complaint find a way to fix it instead of dwelling on the problem and letting it consume you.

  • Envision the big picture.  * The example that the book gives is about the feeling you get when walking into a well kept home where things are put in place, warm and inviting.  I don't think my feeling and their feeling would be the same.  I would probably walk in and start drooling.  HA HA...that may give me a big picture but this would be my issue to work out on my own 

  • Get off the computer.  *Shut the computer done friends.  Limit your time online with socially addicting websites.  When I first started using a smartphone I thought how wonderful it was that now I would be able to keep up with everyone on my facebook no matter where I was.  Every email would come instantly to my phone, every text, every calendar date...oh the list goes on and on.  It finally came to the point when I had to change my notifications on the phone.  It was making me anxious every time I would hear it "ding" which became way too frequent!  So my friends, its not just the can be your phone too.

  • Keep you eyes on the goal  * Do you have any goal setting experience?  I know that I try and set goals for the children.  But in the mornings I know that I can reflect on how my day should go and hope that everything runs as smoothly as my intentions.  My goals are daily and small....I can work up to the bigger ones but for now I choose not to have high expectiations right now.

  • get Something new for your home that brings a smile to your face.  *  They are thinking of small things like a new picture, knick knack, pillow or a great yard sale find.  To me if I just buy a new sponge/cloth and a cleaning spray I am a happy camper!!!!

Mary's Challenge.  Light a candle and find a cozy spot to be able to reflect and see your big picture.  Think of your home and how you hope it will bring you to a place of refuge.

Martha's Challenge.  Clean window treatments and the inside of the windows.  I found this to be rewarding as it is like instant gratification.  We use blinds and have never been a big fan of curtains so I am able to just put the feather duster to the slats.

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