Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 9...31 Days to Clean

Confronting Laziness

I know I can fall into this rut very easily.  I actually wanted to come on here and blog about the new Space Angry Birds that was released yesterday.  Yes, it is cool...something different to get the hang of (spend useless hours playing).  I will just get to a point when I will just delete it for awhile so its not a temptation to me.

I wish I could delete a lot of things in life that seem to be a distraction.  I think these distractions are what fuels my laziness.  And only I can call myself lazy when I think I am lazy...don't anyone else call me lazy!  If you do, I will throw out a long list of things that I am responsible for.  Rant!

Mary's challenge is for us to recognize each time that we say "I will do that later" and pray to receive a diligent heart.  I think that my way would be for me to cry out " Why do I procrastinate "?  Why do I get to the point when I don't care and when I do is hard to fix the times when I didn't.  Ugh!!!

Martha...Your challenge is pretty easy for me because all I had to do was provide the fresh flowers.  The kids help out with chores and everything fell right into place today!

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