Friday, September 9, 2011

Cool weather is coming

Have you dusted off your crock pot or slow cooker yet?  About this time I start getting antsy to bake and make chili...I LOVE CHILI!! I would eat it year-round but the family wouldn't.  This is one of my favorite websites where there are tons or recipes to choose from.  I believe most is gluten free too.  I had bought the cookbook but let someone borrow it and it never was returned :(  It is sadly missed daily in the slow cooker season.
A friend of mine swears by this recipe  I am one day going to set off on my day to make this and see if my family likes it as well as her family does.  Take a look around and check out their recipes and see if some can be adapted for yourselves.  I know in our family a meal that can be cooked without much prep and constant "needs" is great for us!  I am still looking for the book 101 things to do with Ramen or something like that.

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