Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Resources...

As I have had a restful week while feeling under the weather I came across some resources in this month's Family Circle magazine.  There is an excellent article entitled, " Leader of the Pack".  I highly recommend you to read this article so rush out to your magazine stand to read this article.  Just a few pages before this article is another one called "Live and Learn (online!)". There are a few links I would like to share with you from this article.

ITunesU...we have all heard of this and know what content they cover.  I am actively downloading the new version of ITunes right now. have checked this out briefly.  It looks to be a good solid resource for a language tutor.  It is connected to facebook and you have tokens that you can buy...this makes me a little standoffish (my word) when I see tokens and paypal used in the same sentence.  So is this really a free program.  I am not sure yet.  I will play more around with it. like recorded lectures and they do have courses you can take for credit and the courses look to be under $500.  The one I looked at was at Oxford for about $ is comparable to the local university possibly depending on added fees. a claim to be a learning social network.  I think this is probably a coming of age website that is looking for its niche in the social network marketing.  Looking for a specific group of people to boost their name.  It looks promising from what I have viewed.

Do pick up a copy of this month's Family is a good one this month!

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