Friday, September 9, 2011

What about you?

After seeing someone post about Sally Clarkston's website I found an interesting way of looking at things.  She states that she has always told her kids "I have always told my children that if you stand up to lead, you automatically become a target."  This makes so much sense in our world.  It doesn't matter if you are a child or an adult.  We are all God's  children trying to make our way in this world  We all want to make our own footprint here but with doing that comes persecution.
When we made the decision to homeschool all of the children this year and not just Jacob...we fell to many a comment against us.  I was warned by our homeschool support group leader to expect this.  Not just comments, but illnesses and other difficulties...they are all not God's doing but just a distraction.  
We are so far ahead in our schooling that us taking this week off from school will not hinder us at all.  I have been under the weather for awhile now and just couldn't do anything this, I need ink!! I think we go through a cartridge of black ink a week.  Fine...and a new dry erase marker.

How are you raising your children?  Thank you Sally for writing things a little simpler to uncover our eyes.

Here is the website that was shared on fb:

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