Monday, January 7, 2013

Should today be a new day?

Not sure if today should be a new day.  It doesn't feel like a new day when you walk into what looks like yesterday.  Stuff still on the couches, wii remotes and games out and everywhere.  Under couches stuffed like pigs, cheerios that had spilled out of a container earlier in the week are still being found under the baker's rack.  I can't find my coffee cup either.  Coffee may become "privilege" in our house for those under 18...not a right.
I have one child up at the moment...poor thing will get the first rant of the morning!  But having them stagger in may be the key to getting things done on different levels.  No you may not have your phone with you and no you may not turn on the tv or listen to music while getting your stuff done.
Yesterday, I had a plan and knew what I wanted to get done today and now I have had a car stop right in front of me and I can't go anywhere with my plan for the day.  So we have to move this car before we can keep moving on our "trip" for the day.  Roadblocks are really hard to handle.  Especially when you normally have road rage.
(Disclaimer: This is speaking metaphorically...we really don't have a car stopped in front of me.  Use the other side of your brain)

I have pulled everything out from under the couches and it sits as a pile in the living room floor.

So how did today turn in to a new day?  The sun did go down and then this morning the Lord rose the sun once again.  We are not promised this for tomorrow.  I am not promised that the chores will be done and ready for a new day the next day either.

All the kids are up now.  One situation already dealt with.  One child already showered. 4 beds made.  Clean clothes on their backs.  Waiting on the kitchen to be finished and I think today will be a homeschool day around the family table.  Maybe we should make it a habit to do it this way at least 3 days a week.

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