Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

I waited for this day. 

I planned schoolwork for this day.

We did Valentine Bingo.

I researched recipes for Valentine morning.

I posted recipes on facebook about what I was going to make for the kids this morning.

I had a seizure last night.  2 actually.

I couldn't drive to get what I needed to make the morning special.

I was emotionally drained last night and felt that I have let my kids down.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

I didn't tell them my plans therefore I didn't let them down.  I only let myself down.

As I sit and wait on kids to finish waking up and school completed, I am back in planning mode.

I can drive today.  We can get Jacob's haircut.  We can have lunch together.  We can plan dinner together.

I like the saying:  "we plan and God laughs"

God is our ultimate lesson plan. He knew what was going to happen.  Maybe it was His way to slow me down.

Happy Valentine's Day 2012!


  1. I hope your ok! yes, I'm sure God laughs at our plans=)

    I'm Jess, I'm 16 and I found your blog on CWD I have a blog too, if you have time come on over and check it out!! (oh yeah I'm home schooled too=)

  2. Doing good today! Looking forward to a 4 day weekend at the lake! It will be a working vacation as I am lesson planning for the next 5 months! I will come check out your blog now!! Thanks for stopping by!