Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday night


It is Sunday night.  We had a wonderful day with family and a mild winter day.  I think the van was cleaned out today when we got home.  I say "think" because I watched them do it, but I didn't check on them.  I guess I will see tomorrow.  The rest of the afternoon I have spent helping my sister with some scrapbooking and I have worked on my current cross stitch project.  The kids will only do 3 days of school this week and I haven't let them know just yet.  I am sure they will be thrilled!  Lesson plans are not finished.  Printer is acting up and not working.  Hoping it is just a displaced cord but I don't feel like working on it tonight.  Tonight I feel like eating a baked potato, cross stitching while watching the Grammy awards.

Sad to hear about Whitney Houston's untimely death.  I am sure the format will be changed during the awards tonight as she was in LA to attend the gala.  She made some great music and came into people's homes with such an extraordinary voice.  I am sure she will be forever in our hearts with music and song.  But I am sure she is grateful to have coming weeks where her problems won't be published in the National Enquirer.  Rest In Peace Whitney.  The music industry has lost some great musicians
Many have watched and posted this video of her singing the National Anthem at  Superbowl XXV.


  1. I hate printer problems too but love 3 day school weeks.

    On a side note,she was a great singer who had demons (don't we all?). I'm sure she is resting peacefully and enjoying her Savior!

  2. 3 day school weeks, rock! But I think Jacob is going to ask to spread his Algebra throughout the week. Monarch piled on him this week with a shorten schedule.