Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 2...31 Days to Clean

Ok so I see that today's Martha Challenge is to Clean out and scrub down the refrigerator and freezer.  I can do this...I haven't yet, but I will today.  I was thinking about this a little deeper.  Deep for me :)
If you were to stand in front of the refrigerator with your back to it (for an upper freezer and lower refrigerator...won't work for the opposite or a side-by-side) there are different shelves on the left and right and in the drawers.

Our main shelf is the milk has more room for things.  I could think of this as my food shelf.  Am I eating right?  I was just telling my husband today that I was feeling better when I was dairy/gluten-free.  I weighed less too.  I think I am at my highest weight ever without being pregnant.  I feel like garbage all the time.  I think I will be gradually switching over to dairy/gluten-free again.  There...that shelf is clean and sparkly.

My next shelf would be on the opposite side, the top one.  that would be my heart shelf.  How does my heart feel?  Am I holding on to more than I should be?  Of course...I am woman, hear me roar!  I take everything to "heart" and tend to keep it in and bottle everything up until my heart just hurts.  And when this happens I am usually a slobbering mess.  Letting go of things that I can not fix or do not have any bearing on my happiness has to go.  Saying goodbye to those stale or moldy leftovers in my heart.  Shelf clean!

The middle shelves would be those that carry my food around in my body.  Stress can determine how quickly or how slowly things can move.  I have to say that my middle shelves stay pretty clean as I have been taking oral probiotics for a few months now and there is a huge difference.  I have diabetic gastroparesis and not really suffered for years but it had been problematic at times.  So I can say these shelves are CLEAN!

My bottom two shelves (Drawers) are not touched very often and I would call these my exercise drawers where my feet are.  I HATE to walk!!  Yesterday, Elizabeth and I got up early and called the shop to see if my van could get in to be fixed.  It is probably 1/2 mile away from the house.  We took it down (yes, down the hills) and then walked back home.  OMGoodness!! Uphill, was I crazy??  We did it though and I thought my lungs were going to explode!  Poor Elizabeth wanted to hold my hand as we walked and I couldn't do it! I told her I had to use both my arms to get up the hills!  We had to walk back to the shop later to pick the van up...but that was downhill and much easier.  I was even able to carry on a conversation with the kids while we were walking.  By the end of the day (before going to zumba) the top of my feet and ankles were so sore and tight.  I did go back to Zumba last night and the nice weather will bring my bike out of the basement and to the pavement again soon.  I should make a goal of riding the minimum of 10 miles a week.  Ok, I will do it!  Zumba once a week and maybe Qigong another day of the week.  Gotta keep my feet moving.  These were hard shelves to clean out...lots of cobwebs! Done!

Next I have these shelves in the door to clean out too.  Ever heard the saying "you wear your emotions on your sleeves"?  I try not to do this, but it happens.  If you have too much weight on these shelves it will offset the way your refrigerator door closes.  Would you say that your emotions offset the way you are or how you feel?  Remember, "ain't nobody happy if mama isn't happy"!  My emotions have been up and down with different stressors going on right now.  I said goodbye to one stressor today and traded it for another.  How do we not have stress?  Sometimes talking to a trusted person helps alleviate the stress or helps figure out ways to work through it.   As the door keeps your other foods nice and cool by closing it our emotions can keep things bottled up in our heart, stomach and digestive areas too. I am still working on this area.  It may not totally be clutter free but it is somewhat organized and carefully put in its place.

The freezer!!  My head.  I try to get to the hairdressers as often as possible (about once every 3 months is good for me).  New glasses on my face after having corneal ulcers due to staph in my eye.  I really don't like wearing glasses but I can appreciate the blessing to be able to see.  I see the dentist twice a year.   The stuff that floats around in my head seems to be doing ok.  My thoughts are solid and I am not feeling as scatter-brained.  I am getting enough rest.  Sleeping has been a trial for me in the last 6 months.  I am finally on a good regimen now.  Freezer is clean!

How am I doing so far?? Is this the right refrigerator they were talking about?  Probably not, but this is how I identified myself with cleaning out the refrigerator.  I will edit this post later with a picture of my cleaning fridge after dinner tonight.


  1. Ok! Girl! You just blew my mind. I did not go that deep, but love that you did. Gives me lots more to think about and pray about. So, thank you!! My fridge and freezer are sparkling! I posted a pic on FB. If you would like, send me a FB invite. As far as the Mary Challenge... for this day.. I thought about what would best bring my family together and bring a smile to their faces.. spaghetti. So, I made them their fav meal for dinner! =] It worked, they were smiling and it was a nice time of togetherness.

  2. Love Spaghetti!! It would bring a smile to my face too! Thank you for sharing with me!