Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I let the big one go..

So this week I am spending some quiet time in Texas without any children.  Judge took the week off so I could fly to Texas and spend some precious time with my grandparents, aunt & uncle...cousins too!  Its been a stress free week so far.  No outside stress just the constant battle I have within my self and my diabetes.

Last night my uncle and I went out to the fishing pier to catch "the big one".  He is a man of little words so when he talks you really do want to listen.  He instructed me on how to cast and lures and stuff like that.  Now I have been fishing all my life but this was not something I wanted to boast about to him.  I let him teach me.  My own comments were usually "Mmmm Hmmm".  He knows this pond and knows how the fish like to eat and which lures work at the certain time of day.  This is his fishing hole.  Not mine.

But I caught the "big one" that will last in conversation for awhile for me.  But in reality I caught 3 sunfish and 2 large mouth bass.  They were around 2-3 pounds.  He even had me grab ahold of the large mouth to put it back in the water...eww I said, It will bite me!!! But I did it!

Which brings me to think.  God wants us to catch a big one too.  It doesn't matter how big or small it is.  But to you it is the Big one!  God wants us to wait patiently for his direction.  Whether you acknowledge him with a "MmmmHmmm" because you are trying to just stay quiet or with a "Yes, Lord".

This week I will be blogging on the book of "Its Your Kid, not a gerbil by Dr. Kevin Leman while I am on vacation.

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