Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Let's talk about Pinning...

It seems that if you are pinning and repinning you have joined the new hype on Pinterest.  I explain pinterest to people as being the facebook of this time.  It is nice  b/c it doesn't invade your privacy that I have been able to tell.  Its pictures for pete's sake!!  But not just pictures...its ideas at their bests.  Ideas that have been passed along to share in other people's households.  I thought I would share a few that I have pinned too.

Source: via Regge on Pinterest
And who doesn't like bacon and cheese?  I am sure this uses the inside of the muffin tin to mold..I even found something to make with the opposite side of the muffin tin.  There you have it for today...things you can make with a few things and a muffin tin!!

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