Sunday, September 25, 2011

is it a good word or a bad word?

Do you hide from this word?  Wait, I am going to type the word if you are ready.  Organization

How do you deal with the organization in your home.  Especially if you homeschool.

We tend to find things that we "know" we will need next year or next spring.  Those things can turn into its own monster!  Stores tend to showcase their organizational products in January because a lot of people do New Year's resolutions to either get fit and exercise or they will get organized.  Then again they could be giving up soda too but I don't hang out with those people because I love my Diet Mtn Dew....haha! j/k.

organizeI have been hanging out over at 5 minutes for mom and browsing through some of the blogs listed and I thought I would take a peek at the blogs that talk about organization.  Just a  I have to be able to admit that I will never be a white glove cleaner.  You will find a little dust, an orphaned sock or even a broom still out in the kitchen.  Our home is lived in, used, peaceful and happy.  We do what we can with what we have.  Don't think of us as being the "other" family on Wife Swap where one mom goes to a immaculate house and the other one goes to the pig sty of a home.  Our children have chores and structure and we, as parents, have our responsibilities too.  We work together as a family unit.  And NO we aren't going to give you an allowance to pick up your room.  When you are 30 and have a family are you going to get paid to make your bed?? HA!  
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Oh yeah back to what I was saying...organization.  We don't own a single dresser in our home.  My husband constructed all of our rooms with walk in closets.  He built in shelves,  bars for hanging clothes and we have baskets and bins on some shelves.  In his eyes, dressers take up play space.  Most homes being built now have small bedrooms.  The kids have 450sq ft to play, romp and mess!

As I was saying earlier...not having the perfect home but striving.  Here is Kristin at  she sheds light to the little things that can be fun to doesn't have to feel like a chore does it?  She just posted on notes to send along with your child's lunch box or just a note to let them know you are thinking of them...but in a creative way.  This may speak mountains to your child.  I remember as a child and my mom would pack my lunch and simply write on my gives a boost or a gleam to maybe an otherwise dreary day!  I think I may take up her advice on having an in and out container to help filter through some of the things that pile up on my desk!  Thank you Kristin

See what you can come up with and don't forget to come back and let me know if it did or didn't work out!


  1. bedrooms with walk in closets sound heavenly! Both houses we've owned have been older, built in the 1950's so the closets are small. I do agree, dressers take up important space- we put built-in shelves/rods in our master bedroom closet and got rid of the dresser- love it!

  2. That sounds great. Our home was built in the late 40s I think. Later it was converted to 4 apartments. When we bought the house I remodeled it to be a duplex. Then we started having babies and finally broke through the middle walls and created 2 bedrooms, 2 WICs, 1 1/2 bath and a study/classroom.