Saturday, September 24, 2011

History Lessons

For the last few days I have been looking at different options for history lessons.  Things we can do as a group.  (Sorry I haven't posted....not felt well lately).  I found a DVD set that seems rather interesting and  can be affordable too.  This DVD link has previews of each lesson there on the website.  It is called the American Heritage Series  I liked the way it was all put together.  Here is the link to the promotional part of this set:

Like I said I am pretty impressed with this collection.
Copied from their website and no I am not an affiliate for them...
26 Episodes: 30 min. each in length.
10 DVD Box Set

Suggested Donation: $79.95
On Sale For: $59.95

The other set that I looked at was discovered by Freely Educate...Many of times this lovely lady has sent out great resources...and many of times I forward them on to others who can use the free boost!  In one of her posts today she shares a history curriculum from Colonial Williamsburg.  In this website you will find videos, lesson plans, timelines, glossary of words and tons of other resources.  You can even download the transcripts and do a play in your living room as it is transcripted for you.  These are virtual field trips.

Copied from her website Freely Educate (you can find her on facebook too! :)

Through Sept 30: Free Virtual Field Trip on the US Constitution from Colonial Williamsburg


Through September 30 only, you may access Colonial Williamsburg's Electronic Field Trip, "A More Perfect Union." Here is their description: 
The Electronic Field Trip, "A More Perfect Union", tells the story of the ratification of the [US] Constitution and has as the first person narrator a young student from the late 1700s.  This Electronic Field Trip builds background knowledge for educators and students, leading to better understanding of the challenges and choices made during the ratification of our Constitution.  
The electronic field trip includes interactive games, the ability to send an email to "Ben Franklin," lesson plans, teacher guide, and more. 
Especially for grades 4-8th (but we all know the younger ones would like it, too!)
Expires September 30, 2011

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