Saturday, April 16, 2011

Moving right along...

As the end of the "school year" approaches I am finding myself getting more excited for all the children to be home.  Funny how your prospective changes...a few years ago I was the mom who couldn't wait for summer to end to get the kids back to school and out of the house...then dreaded for May when I had to figure out what to do with them all summer.  God works wonders on the outlook you have on your children.  Only He could give me His wonderful, perfect children to take care of while here on earth.  They are my children but they were His first.
And while I know that teachers are in their own mission field.  Some obviously called to the schools as their talents far surpass any standards set before them.  Bless them all!
I have been spending some time worrying and standing firm in knowing that the upcoming year will work out well for everyone here.  We did get a nice table donated to us for our school table in the "classroom".
All of Jacob's books are neatly placed on an antique oak table along with extra books and curriculum I have picked up along the way.
Last week I had expressed to people how I just don't feel qualified enough to teach my children a bible class (curriculum).  In church, I watched all 4 struggle to find the book of Acts during the sermon. And it popped in my head.  I will teach them the books of the Bible!! That can't be too hard!  Then yesterday I found a FREE bible curriculum that I shared with other homeschool families.  This curriculum is nice because it can keep the attention of all 4 kids through the old Testament and the new Testament.  There are puzzles, coloring pages and writing activities to cover each day's lesson.  I think I CAN do this afterall!
Then after more digging around I found a message board with alot of links and resources.  One in particular gave a HUGE list of links with free resources and organized beautifully!
I am thinking about making the purchase of the Well Planned Day Lesson Book...if anyone has any thoughts (good or bad) I would love to hear!

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