Sunday, November 21, 2010

This is only a test, BBBBEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPP!!...ok, we are back!

Sorry for the long pause.

So this past week we had an angel deliver a huge blessing to us.  We are constantly running low on supplies at times.  In our mailbox was a box of..........

Isn't that awesome??  This combined with our prescription will help us during the last week and a half of every month that we tend to be running out.

I had to make a call in to the Vanderbilt Pedi Endo late one evening.  Jesse threw up and his blood sugars were borderline hypo.  Not sure what to do with his pump.  Turn it off, take it off??  Thought I would do a 50% decrease on his basal until morning but 50% made it .000 an hour.  what's the point?  So I called the dr.  Awesome doctor I spoke with!!  I actually met her at an ADA expo that I volunteered for in the late summer time.  She talked to me for a bit to reassure my abilities in getting him through the night.  We made a plan on what to do if he stayed borderline hypo and continued to throw up and we made a plan if he dropped to the 40s and 50s.  Either way....we had a plan!  I just loved this doctor!  We have a really good too for our appointments.  In fact, I haven't really come across a bad one at the Pedi department.
What came about of our night, we went from UH OH he has a tummy virus to....Jesse why did you eat so many sausages at dinner!!

Elizabeth had a hard night the other night too.  She dropped from 174-80 in a matter of 20 minutes!  Thinking she would continue to drop, I painfully woke her up from her sweet slumber to give her some orange juice and a glucose tab.  Wow a sugar tab for Elizabeth! She was excited to be allowed one of these!  Checked her about 20 minutes later and she was up to 130s....continued to check her every 15 minutes until she was in the 170s and I felt comfortable to go to sleep for the night.  By then it was about 2 in the morning.

And me, well....all I can say is that I have changed my eating habits due to a bad 3 weeks of digestion.  I have since changed to gluten free and dairy free.  At the beginning I thought I was starving until I found my food staples and my way around the gluten free areas.  Still doing alot of research and probably will never be done as new things are continually coming out all the time.  I went to books a million bookstore and found 2 magazines.  I will post links to the magazines when I get back from an errand...

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