Friday, October 22, 2010

Two in a row...

Not sure how this happened...but last night both of the kids were 91 before eating dinner and then this morning they woke up with the number of 83!  Good numbers, sure not complaining at all about that.  Just odd for it to happen.  Elizabeth wasn't even awake this morning when Jesse tested and last night they both tested at separate times too.
I have a friend of mine that when her son get a blood sugar reading of 100 they call it hitting the lottery.  So he gets $1 bill.  I think this is a really cool game to play with the kids! 
The kids are both in strong honeymoons so we have the majority of their numbers are within the normal range.  We do get a few stray low numbers but not to the point where they are symptomatic.  And of course we deal with the stubborn highs too.  You know the ones.  The kind where you do everything possible to bring them down and they won't budge.  Until you start heading to the ER, miraculously they get back in the normal range and the ketones go away too.  Yes, we have had this happen!  Went all the way to Vanderbilt with high ketones and high BGs with Elizabeth Anne.  Get there and she has a low in the waiting room.  Have to get D50 on board and the ketones were nowhere to be seen! Grrr...
Have a blessed Friday!

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