Monday, October 18, 2010

A brand new kind of day...

I am so glad I woke up earlier today!  I had forgotten that 2 of the kids had to be at school an hour earlier for a before school program.  Also, grateful that I made an Apple Oatmeal in the crockpot to cook overnight for the kids!! 

Jesse was all set!  He put his carbs in this morning and off he went to school!  An hour later I had to drive Elizabeth Anne to school because I had doctor's orders to turn in to the school nurse. 

Hoping Jesse's set stays in the rest of the day.  I saw it was peeling slightly but it was still intact.  Just in case, I let the nurse know of the possibility of a set change.  As I am walking to Jesse's class to drop off a bottle of sugar tabs Elizabeth Anne finds me again and said her pump was making noises.  Sure enough she needed a reprime!  I asked her to go see the nurse to do this while I take care of Jesse.  I don't think the nurse understood what she came in there for because she told her to go find me. 
Jesse is good to go!

Elizabeth and I head to the bathroom to go reprime her pump and her set is half hanging out.  Not having one in my purse I knew we would have to get the extra from the nurse's office.  We had to wait though as she was busy.  We get in and get the new set going and do a reprime.  I decided to go ahead and walk her to the classroom...its the little things that make us happy.

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