Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Just a quick we are in the middle of our morning. So I have found this curriculum for the book "The Book of Virtues" I think this will be a great supplement to our studies!! I am so excited. In elementary school they followed the character traits with the children. And I think this just takes it a step further and will fit in to our home education very well with Jacob. The first unit is on Self-Discipline. It include a reading which I think I will read to him for awhile to see if that is more engaging for him. There is a vocabulary list, projects, activities...and so much more. This curriculum uses a lot of projects such as lapbooks. I have been doing research lately on this type of "art". It is really neat how you can put a unit together using lapbooks. I think it would be a great idea for the younger students. I had to look up how to make matchbook lapbooks on YouTube. While looking around I found a layered book video. I think we may used this technique for the vocabulary words in each unit. Something a bit more fun. Who knows? We may have a really huge project to show at the end of this curriculum. My prayer and hope is that we finish this and he is able to bookmark a lot of it and use it in real life.

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