Sunday, August 29, 2010

Brand New Week...

Last week was a bit of a whirlwind for our family. We are a family of 6, most of the time. Usually more are here.Here is our Easter picture. I think this is the last family photo we have had...hmmm, time for a new one!
New year and the kids have passed to the next grade. Jacob to 6th, Emily to 5th, Jesse to 3rd and Elizabeth Anne to 1st. We were so excited for Jacob to move on to Middle School. He is such a bright young man who soaks everything up like a sponge but at a faster rate. Middle school was our hope for a challenging year for Jacob. All throughout elementary school Jacob did well on his tests but something was missing in the classroom. His class work grades were awful and so were his homework grades if he decided to turn it in at all. Something is just not right for a child to have a high averages on his state testing but still in the same classes as his peers. My emotions had me crying for two days as I feel that the system has failed him. I feel that we have done all that we can to help the system and guide them to how Jacob needs to be taught. But they didn't listen.
Last Wednesday, Jacob hopped on the school bus like normal. But the day was far from normal. I arrived at the middle school around 9:30am to withdraw him from the public school. Where was he going? I don't know! What were we going to do for education? We didn't know. But we knew that he didn't belong there. He wasn't adjusting to the middle school day. He was so used to elementary school for 6 years, same friends, familiar teacher's faces....the transition didn't go well. I do believe the middle school is a very good academic school though. I have heard many good things about this particular school, especially about the band program. Emily will be going to this school next year.
We are waiting on the paperwork for enrollment into Gateway Christian School. An umbrella church-related school for homeschooling. As soon as it gets here I can fax it in for immediate enrollment. We are pulling from different areas to fulfill his curriculum. The only thing I am lacking is a good math book. I am going to try and call the school's central office about math books to rent/purchase. We will be striving to catch him up to his real ability and do 2 years in 1 this year. I can now see that he probably should have moved up a grade in his early school years. Just my opinion though. He catches on to things really quick.
Surprisingly, the other children have not asked to stay home for school. We did, however, let them know that it wasn't an option for them at this time. But you know how kids are...
I was blessed to find out that our church has a homeschooling group for support.

So, I will be "One Homeschool Mom" for now and will be busy from here on out. (As if I wasn't before now) I wonder how others first began and how your situations occurred? I know that some start their children's education at home and some not.

Tomorrow is a full day so I should probably get some rest...

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