Friday, November 1, 2013

In celebration of fall....

I found this online this morning :

Who is up to doing this with me?  I wonder if I should have the kids do it instead and make it 4 times the fun!!

We missed the Vanderbilt Kids Day due to it being a 6th day for me to drive to Nashville and back.  Frankly, I am tired!
Kids are trick or treating tonight and they are excited.  I bummed them out last night when I saw the mall traffic for trick or treating last night.  Turned around and we came home.  It was just not a good night for the weather either.

Today we are wrapping up our week with spelling tests and root word, prefixes and suffixes tests for the older two.  Making sure papers are typed up and ready to print and chores are caught up on too.

Tomorrow is our 18th anniversary and we are celebrating with a night of sushi...the time really has passed by quickly.

What does your update look like today?

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