Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Some changes have happened.  And some have remained the same.  Our "Song Has Remained The Same"

"The Song Remains The Same"
I had a dream. Crazy dream.
Anything I wanted to know, any place I needed to go

Hear my song. People won't you listen now? Sing along.
You don't know what you're missing now.
Any little song that you know
Everything that's small has to grow.
And it has to grow!

Remember this song?  I am not too keen on this music but the lyrics are very ironic to me right now.  I do have a dream.  I have a dream and a prayer that my children grow up to be happy, healthy, smart and productive adults!  Learning everything they can and answering each of their questions!  Go far and see much!  

Not everyone follows along in our song, some follow to a different tune but to us we are right on key for our family.  

The past month our song has changed a little.  But to us it has stayed on the same track!  Judge was diagnosed with a skin cancer over a month ago and we have been to several doctors, specialists and surgeons.  Homeschooling has that advantage to take our work with us or catch up on a different day.  Jesse and Elizabeth have been schooling with the K-12 program as I thought that would help us with our transitions and make things a little easier.  As of this week I have withdrawn Jesse from the program and I have his new plans and path ready to begin.   Elizabeth's k-12 experience has been phenomenal!  Her teacher is very caring, understanding and patient.  She is not pushy and she is open to any suggestions we may have.  She stays in the background for the most part unless we need her.  I keep in close contact with her so she knows exactly what we are up to.  I am really sorry the k-12 program didn't work out for Jesse.  But we are back on track now!

Diabetes has caught us at a little crossroads but I think everyone agrees that they still push through and we do this as a family!  Its our lifestyle its not a heroic deed we do everyday.  We take things as they come.

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