Thursday, July 5, 2012

Belize is our first country!

I am not a big fan of Wikipedia as the majority of the information is user placed.  Sometimes the information isn't double checked and I wouldn't want anyone to get wrong impressions.  In college, there was no way we would be allowed to reference or cite anything from wiki.
Today we are starting our country studies in coordination with our Olympics studies.  I found that it was the easiest for the younger to kids to use with their kindle fire.
Through the Homeshare website I used the petals form for the lapbooking of countries.
Today we worked on the country of Belize.  In each petal they wrote the following information:
1. Capital
2. Population
3. Religion
4. Military
5. Language spoken
6. Government

In the middle they wrote the name of the country then drew a picture of the country's flag.

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  1. I just saw the petal foldables on a web site for a cow activity my daughter is doing. I think they are so neat! I like how you were able to use them for the Olympics!!