Sunday, February 5, 2012

Please meet Pearl Rango

Our friend Mishelle brought over an eyelash crested gecko on Friday.  It is the cutest lizard I have ever saw before.  And I really don't like lizards....but this one is special, because its ours.  We have no idea if it is a boy or a girl and that's ok.  At first they named the gecko "Geico"...not very original.  Then the boyscae up with Pearl...I loved it!  Then they added Rango to its name.  So the gecko's full name will be Pearl Rango Jones.
We fed him today for he first time.  I looked on google to find out if it was ok to feed it grated carrots.  It was...we grated some baby carrots and a little applesauce mixed in.  It was so cute eating little bites with his tongue!!!  It has bit Jacob twice now and he said it hurt for about a minute but not too bad.  Now when Jesse handles Pearl he puts a sock on :-)

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