Monday, September 26, 2011

Television and kids....

Have you ever sat in a different room and listened to a Nickelodeon or Disney show (not the preschool ones).  I know that some are filmed in front of live audiences but you can tell which ones aren't because the laughing is controlled and everyone stops at the same time in order to keep the script moving slowly.  So as I am listening to this show that Jesse is watching I can hear the dialogue of people cutting each other down or saying something really stupid and then they cue the button for laughter.  So are the makers of these shows creating what your child should think is funny but morally isn't funny at all?  I suppose this is my AHA! moment while I sit quietly and just listen to Elizabeth playing with Thomas trains, Emily picking up her room and the clanging of silverware as Jacob empties the dishwasher.  What do you think?

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