Saturday, September 10, 2011

It is 12:01am on 9-11-11

My story for this day in history...
Was I

Did I have children...yes, Jacob and Emily and I was expecting with Jesse (due in April).

Was I watching tv as it happened.... no, actually I was tying the children's shoes and getting ready to leave for preschool at our church.

How did I find step-mother had called me on the phone to ask if I had seen the news.

Judge was out of town on a worksite for a few days. I was alone with the 2 children and on our way to preschool I turned the radio on to hear whatever I could.  While at the church there was a lot of chatter going on about the morning's events.  I didn't hang around long as I used that time that the children were in preschool to rest and relax at home (with a high risk pregnancy).  I watched the news though for the rest of the morning.  Hard to relax while in such disbelief   

Even to this day there are comments made about terrorists and the Middle East.  I don't think I have any comments.  It really leaves me speechless.  I don't want to have hate against anyone.  I don't like seeing our military working so hard for our freedom and then hear of tragedies.  I don't want to judge anyone either for fear of my own judgement some day when the Lord calls me home.  I just pray.  Not much else I can do but pray for our hearts, our families and our country.  I pray for the families that lost their loved ones on that tragic day.  Will you pray with me today?


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