Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In the countdown...7,6,5

We have 4 1/2 days of public school left for the 3 youngest children.  The past 3 months have been really hard on me.  It seems that the diabetic problems have come on almost two-fold lately.  What could happen probably has already.  And the storms, oh my!  We have had our fair share of storms, tornadoes and flooding around our area.  Elizabeth Anne is terrified of storms and when I would pick her up from school her blood sugar was so high from the stress.
Storms will be spent watching the forecasts at home.  Tornadoes will be spent huddled together in our closet and not on a cold tile floor.  Flooding will be spent taking!  Honestly, that is what we did...we documented the floods of TN last year.

I am just so excited to get all of my kids back under one roof and then hopefully my worrying will subside.  It will be so much easier to take care of the 3 children's diabetes too.  I know the school nurse will miss us, really!  She has become part of our family.  I told Elizabeth that at school the nurse is her second mommy.  Elizabeth says, "but she doesn't kiss us"...hahaha!  We have relied on our school nurse for many things.  It was so hard to give up that control of taking care of my babies and handing them over to her.  Now I kind of wish I could bring her home with me.  Last night I was begging for a night nurse to take over my shift with Elizabeth having issues with her pump and blood sugars.

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