Thursday, March 3, 2011

switching gears is fun!

Found a new blank form to plan out Jacob's day!!  This is making it alot easier for him and teaching time managment too.  Yesterday, I had to be in Nashville all day so I made out his time planner for the first time and when I called to check on him he said, "I am behind schedule, mom"...for whatever reason that was music to my ears! LOL  But it keeps him accountable to get things done and its a challenge for him to finish early and have extra time for lunch or during breaks.

We are switching into Life Science now.  So far I have only received the teachers edition for his book.  So Jacob is working out of that for now.  I am hoping the student text comes in today or tomorrow.  Until then, I found some accompanying worksheets that work perfectly for the text that he can work on for the time being.  These are working awesome and Jacob LOVES science and so do I.

Our home school group is planning a dissection day later this month and tomorrow I am ordering the kit to do this.  In addition to doing a bull frog I am going to get him a large owl pellet to pick apart.  I remember doing this in a college biology class and it was no neat to see what the owl ate and put together the bones of a small bird or whatever it ate.  Very cool!  I found the book Owl Puke on so that will be coming in soon.  Love the name of the book!

As I am still writing this the mail came and so did his science book! Yea! Quickly took back my teacher's edition...haha not that the answers for the worksheets were there anyhow.

If we have time we are going to do an experiment with a white carnation.  It is pretty common but since Judge is big into plants and flowers I thought it would be perfect for him to explain this to the kids.

After finishing up science today he has 2 algebra lessons to complete and that is it.  Right now he just left with daddy to go to lunch...we always laugh that our school lunch is so much better than public school lunch.

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