Thursday, January 13, 2011

Egyptian style

As we get started again for this semester we are diving into pyramids and Egyptian cultures and histories.  Tuesday we did an easy Ancient Egypt passage and learned how to outline the paragraphs in topic and sentence form.  Yesterday he completed a word puzzle with Egyptian gods and pharaohs and 2 algebra lessons. He also had two articles that I found from the Smithsonian magazine about Egyptian archaeology and King Tut.
Queen Hatshepsut
Tuts head

After reading these articles he is doing a writing summary on what he read (we are working on reading comprehension).  I will pick which article that he is to write about without him knowing.

I found a Roman Numeral Math worksheet

He is still continuing to finish 2 Percy Jackson books...hasn't read in them for a bit.  Hoping we can get finished with them soon!

Tomorrow we are going to go check out two books on ancient egypt from the library and work with those.

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