Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A brand new year with new challenges

 Going to do this a second time...

Emily's diagnosis came as a big surprise to us in December.  An even bigger surprise was the fact that she was pumping 9 days after diagnosis!!

Her purple pump really is the most beautiful pump I have ever seen!  Not sure if I will order this for myself.  But I really do like it.  I am thinking of going "clear" for my next one in April.  We shall see though.

She has taken to the pump really well.  No more shots is the main thing.  Emily and shots did not mix very well with her.  But they didn't stop her either.

I think one thing that I would love for people to walk away thinking about is that Emily's diabetes is so different from her brother Jesse's.  Both of their diabetes is way different from Elizabeth Anne's diabetes.  And I know this may be alot for most people to understand but all three of their diabetes is WAY different from someone else's aunt that had 2 toes and 4 fingers due to complications from diabetes.  I hear this so much from people.   Not as much anymore as I did when it was just me with my diabetes or when it was just one child.  Now that we have 3 children the amazement that people have usually takes over before they can speak about their family history of diabetes. :)

We are a blessed family.  And while I do get overwhelmed at times, it isn't that often.  We really have a great thing going on here and its true that God doesn't give you more than you can handle.  And we are handling things very well here.

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