Monday, January 24, 2011

Ancient Egypt

We are working on Ancient Egypt still this week. We started this about 1 1/2 weeks ago and are really enjoying this.
Jacob is working with dad on making a pyramid...they drew it out to scale and made a blueprint for it so far. Since he is just returning to his computer privileges I can put his assignments back into his emails. Much easier for me to copy/paste a video link for him to watch. Instead of typing printing all of the articles for him to he can read it online.
These are the first 3 videos for today:

He is also being given another project to work on where he is a museum curator for Ancient Egypt
artifacts and exhibits. Instead of making it like a diorama though we are going to put it on a poster board or a science fair type of board.

Tomorrow I think we are going to do this one tomorow: And touch up on just some of the basics of Egypt and work on notecards based off of this video and put together a short paper on Egypt. This will cover his social studies, writing and language for the day all in one activity.

Later this week we will turn to the more modern side of Egypt...foods, cultures, religions, apparel, traditions, architecture...those type of things.

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