Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tour kick-off is set for tomorrow!

The Middle TN ADA's Tour de Cure kick-off is tomorrow night at the Blackstone Brewery in Nashville!  Our family has been invited to participate in the event since the kids are the youth ambassadors!  Today I received a call from Greg asking if either I or Judge would mind talking about the kids and the diabetes in our home.  I said, "Sure HE will!!" LOL  I can talk but would rather not talk in front of big crowds!  I let him know of the new development in our brood with Emily testing positive for the GAD65.  I thought it may be appropriate to add that in for Judge's "speech" and be able to touch base on how important diabetes research is to not only our family but to others as well.  The monies it will take to fundraise for our Tour de Cure in order to aid in that research endeavor.

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