Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our sad day...

Maybe I was too quick to call this blog "Three for Today"...because our "Three" has become "Four" and today it has become the reality of its occurence.  Last Monday we took the phone call of Emily being positive for the GAD65 antibody.  So, knowing that she would have the repeat blood test on the 13th I went ahead and had her A1c checked yesterday.  Thinking I would have the results by Friday and ready for Vandy on the 13th.  Well, the results came in today at a bit of a surprise.  Her A1c is elevated but caught at a good time.  It is higher than Jesse and Elizabeth's but not too terribly high.  The consult was sent to Vanderbilt (hopefully they got it done today) and I picked up doctor's orders for Emily to start testing her blood sugar throughout the day in order to get a good look as to what is going on with her numbers.  Stopped at Kroger to pick up 3 cases of capri-suns and 3 packages of pb crackers for low blood sugars.  Delivered to the school.  Educated Emily on how to do diabetes at school and let the nurse know what we needed to do.  Then I headed down to the department of human services.  I know that to get on the children's special services program I must first be denied state health insurance for the kids.  So I went and picked up the paperwork to get this started.  This program will help us with the kids deductibles and copays.  Hoping it won't be too long that the process goes quicker.

But for today will somebody find me a big rock and keep me hidden for just a little bit?

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