Thursday, October 28, 2010

We are going on a field trip...

Elizabeth's class is going on a field trip next week.  The options for her is either I go with her or the nurse goes.  Regardless, someone still has to cover the school because of Jesse's diabetes and insulin.  So I met with the principal for a minute (literally) and we figured out that I would go to the field trip and Jacob would come along (since I homeschool him and he is 11).  But I had to drive due to the fact that Jacob is not a student and still a minor, he can't ride the bus too.  We will be checking Elizabeth out of school and driving to the pumpkin farm and will meet her class there and then drive her back to the school.  Thankfully they aren't counting her absent either because we get enough of those on our!  I wonder how she is going to feel about riding with us instead of her friends at school though?  Well, I think this is for the best.
Also, talked to the teacher about the candy issue and hopefully that is resolved.  Elizabeth came home yesterday and said, "I had to drink water today because I was high"!  She sounded excited!  Checked her meter.  And while she wasn't too terribly high it was definitely out of her normal range for that time of day.  What did you eat that was different?  Ummm...just 2 gummy bears.  Just 2, huh?  Well, the rest is history.  I did let them know again today that gummy bears are a no go.  Today she is eating cici's pizza and a cupcake for lunch.  Can't wait to see those numbers.  Curious on how she will handle this pizza.  They did great and only ordered pepparoni and cheese pizzas.  Not as much fat in those pizzas as there is in the sausage ones. 
Tomorrow is Friday! Yea!

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