Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sweet beginnings...

I wondered if Jesse being on the pump it would make Elizabeth feel better about her pump.  Not that she felt bad about it...but it makes her that much closer to Jesse.  Just a dab more of super glue!  Since May, they both have blood sugar contests.  Nothing criticizing at all.  Just a simple, "I beat you!" and they laugh it off and start eating. 
Well, this morning Jesse started to help Elizabeth get her breakfast ready and even went to great lengths and found her meter so she could test before being reminded by me.  For some reason, Jesse was on the ball this morning!! 

We had alot of leftover pumpkin pancakes from today so the kids asked to eat some in the morning.  I think I went overboard when I made them last night (Monday night).  Sorry, getting my day/night mixed up since it is 1 in the morning now.

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