Thursday, October 21, 2010

My personal history on the insulin pump

Thought I could show you how far the insulin pumps have come from the beginning...
Here is the first pump:

As you will...pumps did change over the years.  Not only in size but in function too.  This first insulin pump delivered both glucagon and insulin.  The pumps on the market do not deliver glucagon (at least that I have heard about).  We have a separate injectable for emergency use of glucagon.  Glucagon is used for low blood sugar that you are unable to get higher on your own or if you cannot swallow.
Here is another good picture to show the changes that were made every few years...
ImageI found this picture on the dlife website...Ok now getting to what my first pump looked like.  I am glad i came in when the pumps were somewhat stylish. 
ImageNow mine was the one on the left.  Except I think it was just black.  This is the one the insurance company rented each day for me.  Then they got smart and just bought one.  A daily rental fee then was $100/day.  The next pump wasn't "that" much different but it was new and mine to keep.
Could you imagine wearing that back pack compared to this pager sized pump!  What was neat about the 508 was that it had a remote that went on my keychain.  I was able to give myself my meal bolus and never had to pull the pump out.

I wore this pump from 2000 until 2005 I think.  I had a new doctor and he did more with the Animas company and ordered a new pump for me.  Here is the next pump.  I called it the dinosaur the last 1 1/2 years I wore it. 2005-2009.
Ugh...I hated this pump!!!  As SOON as my insurance allowed me to get a new pump I switched to Cozmo!! I loved my cozmo!!  It was green
about 6 weeks after having the cozmo I received a letter saying that they would no longer be pump business.  I definitely did not want to stay with a company that was bailing out.  I called Minimed (back to my original 2 pumps) and they had an offer for me.  I could send my cozmo in and get a $500 credit toward my new pump and then sign up to take surveys every quarter for a year and get credited $250 each time to pay for my pump.  Obviously I got a refurbished one so the warranty is only for 2 years and not the typical 4. So I have the option to get a new pump next spring!!  At first the thought of having a pink pump sounded really cool.  But now when I look at it, it looks like chewed up bubble gum! LOL
There you have...this is my history on the insulin pump...and a few earlier models thrown in for a visual history too! 
Here are pictures of the kids' pumps:
Anyway I couldn't find a good blue picture of Jesse's pump but here is what it looks like and you can see the color in there too..
Here is Elizabeth's Animas Ping in pink
Now her pink color is really cool looking!  I love the shiny tone...

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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