Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I know the teachers went through training.  And I know they have each been told the small things that work for each child.  But I don't remember saying don't reward my child with things that the other kids are getting.  That is what happened when they were using cookie cereal to do some kind of project at school.  Instead of Elizabeth getting to eat her baggie of maybe 15 cookie cereals she brought it home instead.  I didn't think anything of this until I found out more this morning about yesterday.  Elizabeth is still growing.  She is not on a "diet".  She is not restricted on anything except for "if" she has a soda it is diet and she can't eat any kind of gummy candies (worms, fish, frogs...).  For whatever reason, they really make her blood sugar go nuts.  Oh and pizza too.  We are trying to figure out which delivery company works best for her blood sugars.  We did learn that papamurphy's pizza sauce burns her lips literally.  I am thinking that it is more acidic than others.
So if you know a diabetic or a diabetic child.  Don't assume they can't eat something just b/c they are diabetic.  We do crave cake, cookies and candy just like everyone else.  We just have extra things we have to do in order to eat them.

Don't these look good?  Half of my house would say yes, and half would say no.  There is a little diddy that is sung on Noggin "No, I don't like candy corn.  No, I don't like candy corn...  Check it out! LOL  I can remember this song being done every halloween since the kids were tiny.  I could have made these last night if I had some candy corn in the house.  I made chocolate muffins and blueberry muffins for bfast this morning.

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